Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Which is the most beautiful city in Nigeria?

Nigeria is generally a beautiful country, blessed with many natural and artificial landmarks and monuments. Nigeria has most beautiful women in Africa and is home to the most handsome men.

Many states and cities in Nigeria are beautiful sights to behold, pleasing to the eyes and is also haven of enjoyment.

Out of the bests, there will be best of the best, ranking atop the list.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

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Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

10. Owerri


Owerri is in Imo State and is the state’s capital; it’s no surprise it’s a beautiful city. Owerri has many tourist attractions like Oguta Lake, Mbari Cultural and Art Centre, Ada Palm Plantation and a host of others. With a record number of hotels, casinos and other entertainment centres, Owerri has a moderate case for nightlife.

9. Enugu


Why would Enugu not be beautiful? It is the capital of the State—Enugu State. It is natural for places with hilly landscape to be beautiful as the topography alone is a beauty by nature and Enugu has enough hilly areas and it explains why the name is derived from Énú Ụ́gwụ́, which means hill top.

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8. Uyo


Uyo is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. It is the capital of Akwa Ibom State, one of the major oil producing states of Nigeria. Uyo has terrific landscape and many infrastructural endearments. It is known for the big Godswill Akpabio International Stadium and exquisite hotels. It is also home to The National Museum of Colonial History, which houses collections about the creation of the state as well as ethnographic items and carvings related to the people of the state.

7. Warri


Forget everything you know about Warri; I’m not here to tell you whether they are true or not. But Warri is really a beautiful city.

There are many hotels here, interesting history museum, parks, malls. There are also a mini zoo and city stadium.

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6. Akure


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Behold Akure, the capital of Ondo State is yet another moderately beautiful city in Nigeria. Akure has rocky landscape to behold and has many radio and TV stations, federal universities, which in and of themselves are masterpieces. Akure also boasts of many attractions such as the Idanre Hills, Owo Museum, Olumirin Waterfalls and so on.

5. Calabar


Calabar is the capital of Cross River State. It is argued by many to be the most beautiful city in Nigeria following Lagos and Abuja and it’s no surprise because it hosts many of the popular monuments Nigeria is known for, such as the Tinapa Resort, Obudu Cattle Ranch, and etcetera.

4. Port Harcourt


Port Harcourt is the capital of River State. It goes without saying that Port Harcourt is really a beautiful city; it is even a popular believe. And it is no doubt given to the commercial activities of the city. I kid you not, places abuzz with commercial activities usually have the most beautiful buildings and that’s as a result of the infrastructure of companies and firms. Port Harcourt also boasts of airports and sea ports.

3. Kaduna


Kaduna is in Kaduna State and it’s the State’s capital. Remember what we said about a place that is a hub of commerce? Kaduna is a perfect example of a commercial centre. It boasts of such things as airports, which by the way are 2, restaurants, malls and even a polo club!

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2. Lagos


Lagos is more than a city; it’s a state and it is a very, very beautiful place. There is nothing expected of a modern society that is not in Lagos – talk about tall buildings, roads, clubs, religious places, airports, seaports, anything. Lagos is where most Nollywood films are shot, where most music videos are recorded. Lagos has many sandy beaches, countless 5-star hotels and clubs, amazing parks, and is home to the popular Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA).

And nightlife in Lagos? Perfect!

1. Abuja


Abuja is where power resides and you shouldn’t expect anything short of amazing! This is the capital of Nigeria herself, The Federal Capital Territory. It is unarguably the most beautiful city in Nigeria.

There’s nothing you won’t find in Abuja, including the powers that be.

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