Free Microsoft Excel Online Course with Certificate on Alison

If you have always wanted to learn Microsoft Excel, this is your very chance.

In this free online course on Microsoft Excel on the popular online course platform Alison, you can easily learn Excel at your own pace and also get a certificate for it.

Isn’t that superb?!

Microsoft Excel 2010 is one of the most popular software applications used by individuals and businesses all over the world. It is used both by companies and individuals to do sorting of all kinds.

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Learn Microsoft Excel Online for FREE

Microsoft Excel is widely used by data analysts to analyse, organise and present data; by accountants and tax analysts to do their accounting and tax analysis and calculations; by storekeepers and cashiers for keeping tab on their stocks. The usage is limitless.

This free online course on Microsoft Excel 2010 is designed to give you a thorough understanding of Excel and its most important applications. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate user, this course will teach you all the tips and tricks so that you can boost your productivity in no time at all.

The course features 16 modules, which you can see here and a whooping 125 topics.

The course will show you how to perform basic (beginner) operations on Microsoft Excel as well as some intermediate operations. This means you do not need to have any prior operation knowledge to begin.

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You only need your head (with a brain ready to learn) and a computer or laptop with Microsoft Excel installed on it.

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You even get a certificate.

Course Summary

  • Assessment (Tests and Quizzes) — Yes
  • Modules (Chapters) — 16
  • Certificate — Yes
  • Duration (Total Estimated Time) — 6 – 10 hours hours
  • Publisher (Course Owner) — Microsoft
  • Platform — Alison

Don’t sleep on it. Go take the course now. Learn Microsoft Excel for FREE!

This course is published by Microsoft themselves and is available on Alison. If you don’t know Alison, we covered it in our post about best websites to take online courses.

Go to Course Now.

Note: on the time duration, it does not matter whether you spend all 6 hours at once or 1 hour everyday for 6 days or 30 minutes everyday for 12 days, it only suggests that the entire course will take an estimated total of 6 hours to complete.

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