9 Best Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Would you like to know how to make money online in Nigeria?

Would you like to discover more (unpopular, but sure) ways to make online in Nigeria?

You’ve come to the right blog. In this post, I am going to show you how you can make money online in Nigeria, featuring a whooping list of 9 ways to make money online in Nigeria.

No doubt about it, unemployment (and it’s half-sister, underemployment) is rife in this country. Many people don’t have jobs and those who do are barely only able to live from hand to mouth. It makes it no wonder that many are looking online for ways to make some money, either as a career or to complement their jobs.

If you pay attention and follow the instructions properly, you’ll discover at least one suitable and comfortable way for you to make money online in this post.

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Note: if your search for “how to make money online” or “how to make money online in Nigeria” is a desperate search for how to make money online quickly, this post isn’t promising that.

While some of the methods covered may help you make money in as little as a week or two, you need to bear in mind that making money online is just as hard as making money offline. You need to be consistent, persistent and patient. If you’re very lucky, you can start making money online quickly and consistently within your first 3 – 6 months.

Let’s begin our journey into how to make money online in Nigeria.

9 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

1. Freelance Writing

When you read blogs and websites, those posts (like this one) are written by someone. If it isn’t the bloggers themselves or a staff writer, it is definitely a freelance writer.

Qservers Web Hosting

Writers are always in demand and if you’re diligent enough, freelance writing can help you make money online quickly. However, to succeed as a freelance writer or make money online doing freelance writing, you need two very important things:

  1. You must know how to write very well, with no to minimal errors as possible. And no, you don’t need to be perfect or be a professor of English, you only need to be able to write something clearly enough for anyone to understand.
  2. You must have expert knowledge of the topic you’re writing about OR know how to research extensively.

If you’re lacking in any of these two and not ready to learn, just forget about freelance writing and look for another way to make money online in Nigeria.

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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as a Freelance Writer

There are two ways to go about making money as a freelance writer:

  1. Bidding for gigs on freelance marketplaces
  2. Having a writing portfolio and sending cold-pitches

Going the Cold-Pitching Way

This method takes some time but can be the most rewarding. The process is like this:

  • Find a lucrative writing niche
  • Create your writing portfolio website
  • Publish guest-posts on relevant websites
  • Send cold-pitches to blogs, magazines and businesses
  • Land a high-paying client (or plenty of them)
  • Rinse and repeat

If you can put in the work, this is the best way to make money online in Nigeria as a freelance writer. It does have some nuances and rules around it to make it work, especially for some from Nigeria (and in fact, Africa). I covered that in the post how to make money online as a freelance writer. I went into details, talked about necessary tools and of course how to do it right.

You can as well check out this post about websites that will pay you to write for them.

Bidding on Freelance Marketplaces

This is the most widely-known method of going about freelance writing. Most people talking about doing freelance writing talk about this method a lot. I kind of understand tho: it’s easy and straightforward.

It goes something like this:

  • Register on a freelance marketplace (that accept Nigerians or find a way around those that don’t)
  • Bid for gigs or someone contacts you
  • You deliver and get paid

Simple and straight forward.

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The only difficulty around this method is becoming visible in a sea of other writers, having an impressive portfolio, landing a client and, sometimes, getting paid.

This method may not deliver quickly because you’d be competing with several other freelance writers but there’s always a way around everything ;). I covered that in how to make money as a freelance writer in Nigeria.

On some job boards like Problogger Job Boards and Smashing Magazine, you can bid for gigs posted there while on marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork and People Per Hour, clients contact you, based on your offering and performance.

I wrote a post about how to make money on Fiverr.

In the meantime, check out this post about websites that’ll pay you to write for them.

2. Make Money Online in Nigeria Doing Graphics Design

While I disclaimed at the beginning of this post that this post is not promising anyone how to make money online quickly, I think it does make sense to share with you methods that can get you faster results first. This is one of them.

If you’re good with graphics design software and you’re a badass graphics designer, this is a really good way to make money online in Nigeria.

If you look around, you’d realize that graphics abound everywhere: from posters to stickers to fliers to banners to book covers and from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram. There’s also UI/UX, promotional graphics, full branding, and manipulated photos. The opportunities are limitless.

How to Make Money Online as a Graphic Designer

The approaches here are similar to that of freelance writing. You can have a portfolio website featuring your past projects; you can as well bid for gigs on freelance marketplaces. AND you can combine both!

As a matter of fact, as a graphics designer you have a better chance at making money online faster (and with higher pay) than a freelance writer. Unlike graphics designers, you won’t face the challenge of not being a native speaker of English Language.

But Graphics design is not that easy. It requires the ability to think and visualize first before developing concepts.

If you’re good, there are design boards you can join where you can join design contests. There are also some, where you have to bid for gigs. Also, there are some, where you can host your portfolios and clients will contact you. You can as well make money designing graphics for t-shirts.

For instance, on 99designs, gigs are advertised and designers contest for the gig by posting their designs, working with the specifications of the job. After submission closes, the best design is picked and  the designer (whose design is picked) is paid several thousands of dollars. Many bloggers also check places like this for their infographics design.

There is also Dribble. Dribble is different in that (1) it is very popular, which makes it impossible to not have clients in a matter of weeks and (2) it attracts high paying clients only.

We also have Angel List, where you can be hired by companies and agencies worldwide to work remotely.

POD websites like Red Bubble and Threadless will pay you for both your designs (whenever someone puts it on a shirt) as well as royalties on t-shirts.

As a matter of fact, multinational companies use designers from such places as Dribble and Behance for their branding and campaigns. Could be you, innit?

Go work your ass off and make some money. Read this post about making money online in Nigeria as a graphics designer where I wrote about how to really make money doing graphics. I also listed 20+ places to find clients (and how to get them quickly) and also successful designers to follow.

3. Make Money Online Selling Photos

This is yet another sure way to make money online in Nigeria. Selling photos online is not a popularly discussed method of making money online, because many don’t even know this kind of opportunity exists.

It is actually simple: take photos, retouch and sell. Aside photographers, this could also be an opportunity for graphics designers.

To make money selling photos online, your photos (or digital artworks) have to be telling a story or illustrating a concept. Journalists, writers, bloggers, media houses, businesses and so on are always looking for photos that best illustrate their stories and the place the look to buy these photo, as you’d expect, is online.

The trick to making money online in Nigeria selling photos isn’t just about the photos, but about the right kind of photos or images and knowing where to sell them. So when you’re making images to sell online, it’s best to have international audience in mind. When you look at such websites as CNN and BBC, you’d realize that whenever they use any images on their websites, they credit the original owners such as Getty Images, Adobe Photos and so on.

These international media houses know what copyright is about and wouldn’t give room for something as trifling as that.

Websites to sell your photos

  • Alamy
  • 500PX
  • Getty Images
  • Shutterstock

Check each website carefully to see their terms and conditions, what kind of photos sell on their platform and everything else.

How to succeed selling photos online

You’ll be selling your photos to an international audience, particularly American media houses, so it is important you take or craft images that appeal to them.

Create photos that tells a story, pictures that illustrates a concept.

In this post, how to make money online in Nigeria selling photos, I reviewed about many websites to sell your photos online and also provided tips for success.

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4. Affiliate Marketing

This one is very popular. There’s no post about how to make money online (in Nigeria or anywhere else) that won’t talk about Affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing is one best ways to make money online.

But first, what’s affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of making money online whereby “affiliates” get paid when they get someone to buy other people’s products or services. As an affiliate, companies will pay you when you refer customers to buy their products.

This is what I mean: A sells mangoes. B signs up as an affiliate marketer under A and gets C, D, E and F to buy mangoes from A. Each time any of C, D, E or F buys a mango, A pays B for helping him/her get customers. That’s what affiliate marketing is all about.

Companies like Jumia, Konga and many web hosting companies have affiliate programs such that whenever you get someone to patronize them, they pay you a commission.

Making money online with Affiliate marketing is actually very rewarding. You can hit “jackpot” just by engaging in affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

There are two popular approaches to make online with affiliate marketing. The first approach is by creating a review or coupon website and linking to the product. The second approach is through authority medium — websites, videos, podcasts and so on.

You can also promote affiliate offers through emails, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and word of mouth, getting friends and family to purchase a product or service through you.

Free Blog Setup

Some of hardest part about making money online in Nigeria doing affiliate marketing are finding lucrative niches with in-demand products, finding affiliate offers and merchants that accept Nigerians, and getting people to buy through you.

In my post on how to make money online in Nigeria from affiliate marketing, I treated all of these and also revealed some of the best programs to promote.

Sneak peek: Constant Contact will pay you just for getting someone to try their service.

5. Make Money Online as Web Developer

If you know how to develop websites, you can make money online in Nigeria offering web development services. In fact, web design and development is a sustainable way to make money online. You can build a career around web services.

For obvious reasons, web development is great way to make money online. After all, websites and blogs can be assessed via the Internet.

As a website developer, opportunities abound. According to ##, a new website/blog springs up every ## seconds. Why not be one of the developers creating those websites.

Beyond just designing websites, you can offer website face-lifting services, website management, social media management, web design training and so on.

How to Make Money Online Developing Websites

Like I stated earlier, you can many other services alongside web development. You can help people manage their blogs as an separate package (after having helped them create the website), you can help business manage their social media accounts and also organize web development trainings.

However, to make money online as a developer, you can go the freelancing route, agency route or combine both.

The freelancing process is just as is obtainable in writing and graphics design, however this one requires a high level of expertise. As an agency, you start a web designing company, but look for work on the Internet. I detailed how to do that in how to make money online in Nigeria as a developer.

Also if you’re not a developer, you can still make make money helping people start their blog. I, for instance, am not a developer, but I can make wonderful websites and blogs with WordPress. And that’s why I am able to help people start their blogs.

I have a post that shows how to start a blog in Nigeria (for cheap).

6. Become A Social Media Influencer

I don’t know if you’ve heard the world “influencer” before but if you are a frequent user of social media (especially Twitter and Instagram) you’d definitely have heard it.

A social media inflencer is basically someone with a huge following on social media, usually followers upward of 10K. Anyone with 10,000+ followers can be said to be popular and is therefore an influencer. So technically, all celebrities are influencers.

When a social media influencer posts something on social media, they get as much as 5,000+ likes and comments. This high level of engagement makes them attractive to businesses who need awareness for their products or services.

How to Money as A Social Media Influencer

The way to make money via social media influencing is through sponsorships, adverts and ambassadorial engagements. As a social media influencer, you can benefit from beta-testing or sampling of products for you to be able to perfectly introduce the product/service to your followers.

And if you have sense, you can get speaking engagements, too!

If you’re wondering why businesses pay influencers to market their products, read about Influencer Marketing.

The hard part about making money online in Nigeria as an influencer is actually becoming an influencer. I covered a lot of ways to become one on a post I wrote about how to become a social media influencer and make money.

Here are some ways:

1. Making comedy skits – Broda Shaggy, Taaoma, Sydney Talker all became influencers by simply making really funny comedy skits. These folks are making money big time. Broda Shaggy’s success is one to envy and how did he start? “heellooo, any question for the day?”

Shaggy wasn’t a musician or actor, he was merely a skit-maker. Today, the popularity he garnered from making skits has made him an actor, musician and a winning celebrity. You can be like Shaggy.

2. Curating funny videos – if you’re not that funny or creative enough to make your own skits, an equally smart way to become a social media influencer (and make money) is by being a repository of funny videos. Search for really funny videos on the Internet and repost them on your timeline. This is exactly Tunde Ednut’s strategy.

People are bored, entertainment them!

7. Make Money Online Via Information Marketing

Information is power. To become whatever you desire, all you need is the right information.

We go to school just to have access to information thereby arming ourselves with knowledge those who didn’t go to school couldn’t acquire. That is information marketing at work although in a formal and organized manner.

This also explains why blogs, YouTube and books are very profitable. People browse webpages, watch YouTube videos and read books just to consume some sort of information, even if it’s not to learn but to get entertained.

Everybody is lazy and this one thing makes information marketing a viable way to make money online.

Rather than jumping from places to places, websites to websites, YouTube videos to YouTube videos, people would prefer to have all of the information they need in one place and that’s where you–an information marketer–comes in.

In his book The Personal MBA, Josh Kaufman describes it as Hassle Premium. A situation where you help people get rid of an “hassle,” and give them convenience and comfort instead.

So if you have information people are searching for or the solution to a problem people are seriously searching for, you can make money online packaging the information and putting a price on it.

The secret to making money as an information marketer is knowing what information to package. You have to package information that people are not just searching for, but are going to PAY for. Another thing is that if you don’t know how to do thorough research, you may end up packing solution to a problem that is not peculiar to the people you’re selling to.

If you’d like to get all of the information about How to Make Money Online in Nigeria in one place, where you get to discover over 20 ways to explore, with detailed information for each and not have to search or click for information, you should check out for my (paid) eBook coming soon! I’ll take you by hand in the eBook.

Take this one: Hon Akin Alabi, the owner of Bet9ja actually started out as an information marketer, and that too on Nairaland.

8. Make Money Online Via YouTube

Yet another way to make money online in Nigeria. YouTube is a very popular and huge platform, needless to say. It is in fact one of top most viewed websites in Nigeria and the world over. It is exactly this popularity and huge audience that we’ll be leveraging upon and that’s quite simple.

YouTube is a video hosting platform and that’s what you have to do to make money on YouTube: post videos.

Simple, right? Not really.

The YouTube jackpot is in how many people watch your videos and not just the posting of the videos. To make money on YouTube you have to aggressively promote your videos, get as much people as possible to watch your videos and getting people to subscribe your YouTube channel.

How to Make Money on YouTube

As stated earlier, you have to post videos to make money on YouTube, but how do you make money from your videos?

A number of ways.

The conventional way, which is common knowledge to everyone, is that you make money by putting ads on your videos. I’m here to tell you that there are far too many ways to make money online in Nigeria on YouTube beyond that one. I go into details on my post about how to make money on YouTube.

You can make money via ads through YouTube ads (something like AdSense and AdMob), by direct advertisement (directly advertising in the video), through endorsements, through affiliate marketing and many more. Learn how to go about each, how to blowing your videos and becoming YouTube influencer.

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9. Blogging

Blogging is the be-all and end-all of making money online. It is undoubtedly one of the best way to make money online. It is regarded as the be-all and end-all because (1) it can facilitate most of the other ways to make money online and (2) it can be a business in and of itself.

Essentially, what (1) means is that you can achieve the other ways to make money online such as information marketing, freelance writing, affiliate marketing and so on through a blog. It is like a showroom where you display your goods for people to see and sample. And (2) it is a stand-alone online business. You can make money by placing adverts on your blog, by offering services, by offering paid subscription and so on.

The evidence for this is everywhere around us. From Linda Ikeji to Ogbongeblog, Naijaloaded, Tech Cabal, Zikoko and plenty more.

Blogs like Zikoko, Bella Naija are more of business than blog, while in the technical sense they are blogs. That’s the power of blogging.

The recipe to making money online in Nigeria blogging is getting people to read your blog, becoming popular, and offering value. In the case of Linda Ikeji, she serves celebrity gossip hot hot, Ogbongeblog serves many values such as blogging tips, tech tools and many more.

I have a post about about how to create a blog for as low as ₦1,000 and another one about starting a WordPress blog and also I offer free blog setup.

Read my post about getting started with blogging and making money.

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Free Blog Setup

There are many more ways to make money online in Nigeria beyond the 9 ways perused in this post; there are plenty more ways. I’ll update this post about more ways. Just bookmark this post and keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, you can check out my paid ebook on the topic (coming soon).

Online business is real business, it’s just like a brick and mortal or service-based offline business. So treat it like one.

You have to take this seriously.

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