Where to get Genuine Information About Coronavirus in Nigeria

Coronavirus disease, Covid-19 is real in Nigeria, with Nigeria Centre for Disease Control making real time updates.

As of this writing, Nigeria has recorded 44 cases with 2 discharged and 1 dead. This is the most accurate information.

For whatever reason, people are now circulating fake news. Social media and WhatsApp is awash with FAKE NEWS. People without adequate knowledge or authority to do so are weighing in.

Lots of messages are flying around. Some irresponsible and insensitive people are composing messages that are intended only to create panic.

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The messages have gotten so much that it’s becoming hard to tell genuine information from fake ones. It is on this premise that this blog decides to inform Nigerians about the places to get genuine information about coronavirus disease Covid-19 in Nigeria.

If you’re in Nigeria, here are the authorised channels to get information about Covid-19.

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For live updates about coronavirus cases throughout the world, go to https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus.

For helpful information about coronavirus, situation reports, development, drugs, vaccines, travel advice and pretty much everything about how much progress the world is making in getting rid of this menacing virus, go the website of the World Health Organization, WHO at www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019.

Shun fake news. Don’t panic and don’t create or spread panic.

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Stop the spread of coronavirus. Stay at home.

Flatten the curve. Practice social distancing. Take all precautions. Let’s rid the world of coronavirus.

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