Top 10 Funniest Yoruba Actors and Actressses

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If you’re a lover of the Nigerian movie industry termed Nollywood, you’d agree with me that the Yoruba section is one hell of an interesting section of the industry.

The Yoruba section is known for its especially funny scenes. The actors combine creative interpretation of their roles with comedy.

There are a lot of these funny actors and actresses in the industry, but today we’ll be looking at the top 10 funniest of them.

Funniest Yoruba Actors and Actresses

1. Afonja Olaniyi (Sanyeri)

This is the king of comedy himself. Sanyeri doesn’t have to talk before you laugh; his appearance and gestures are enough to crack your ribs.

When Sanyeri reacts to the action of another actor, he’d pull a comic. Sanyeri can be dissed for the shape of his head, could be regarded as a dimwitted “local champion” from Oyo and even ridiculed for his tribal marks, but guess what, he’d laugh it off.

If you’re a true fan of Yoruba movies, you’d remember the role Sanyeri played in Muniru ati Ambali and Opakan. These two movies are enough testament that his jocularity is unmatched.

2. Odunlade Adekola

Odun, as he is fondly called, is a very versatile actor, who interprets his roles absolutely well. This “tall” handsome man has the perfect expression and reaction to every situation.

Although Odunlade is not a stereotyped comic actor, he, however, has managed to showcase himself as funny and hilarious.

In movies like Opakan and The Vendor, Odun showed us how funny an actor he can be.

If you don’t know, Odunlade Adekola is the King of Meme.

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3. Tayo Amokade (Ijebu)

I bet you don’t know his name. Many people don’t, because he’s a freaking Ijebu typecast. I’m not sure I’ve ever watched a movie where Ijebu spoke proper non-Ijebu Yoruba or didn’t talk about Ilisan, his hometown.

I don’t know if it is the Ijebu dialect is that funny, but Tayo wouldn’t even let us know.

Apart from the fact that his reactions are particularly funny on their own, combining it with his jocular intonations is comedy.

If you watched his Chinese-styled movie Jugunu where he acts as a Kung Fu master, you’d understand he is one hell of a comic actor.

4. Olu Olowogemo (Portable)

This one is on another level of crazy. How he pulls his comedy is a whole different.

Portable is exceptionally crazy. He turns a word on its head and over reacts.

Olu Olowogemo a.k.a Portable is characterized by patternless scream, irrelevant chatter and self-dialog. Portable would be talking to himself long after the other person(s) is gone.

I saw Olu “Portable” Olowogemo’s first awesome comic display in a 2010 movie, Odun Ayo Mi where he plays the character by the name of “General Etike” where he is the commandant of the demons living large in the head of one madman.

5. Kamilu Kompo

Kamilu Kompo is another comic actor in Yoruba Nollywood. Hardly can you talk about Sanyeri without talking about Kompo. Aside of the fact that they both grew up together in Oyo town, Kamilu and Sanyeri both bless our screens with unique comical display.

Kamilu’s style is a unique one. His hilarity is in his quick-wittedness. When another actor makes a statement, Kompo always got an answer: a funny comeback. His comebacks are, although witty, always funny. Sometimes he leaves one wondering where the replies came from.

6. Rukayat Lawal

Rukayat Lawal popularly known as Iya Ibadan is yet another funny Yoruba actress.

Like every other funny Yoruba actor mentioned in this post, how Rukayat Lawal delivers her comic roles in Yoruba movies is distinct. She is known for speaking incorrect English.

Iya Ibadan would be committing every grammatical error possible with a straight face.

If you watch any of her movies, you’ll never have a dull moment with Iya Ibadan in the scene.

Rukayat Lawal is one hell of a funny Yoruba actress. We wrote a post about her biography; family, background, children and other things we think you should know on the blog. Check it out.

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7. Tunde Usman

No one can argue about how funny this guy is. Okele with so much genuine innocence. Regardless of how terrible or confusing a situation is, Tunde Usman Okele will find a way to infuse some hilarity.

I can’t forget his role in Jumoke Odetola’s grammarian movie Higi Haga. Okele doesn’t hesitate to call Jumoke’s attention to any “gargantuan” English he doesn’t understand.

And don’t even dare forget his tribal mark. Okele won’t even allow you.

8. Wale Akorede Okunnu

Baba baba.

I don’t even know how Okunnu does it. He’s a genius.

What makes Okunnu a funny Yoruba actor is sarcasm. This guy (okay, man) understand sarcasm so well. You know, he would be saying one thing when he in fact means the opposite.

He is also very witty. His comebacks are always spot on. Say one thing and Wale Akorede will give you a suitable response in the next second.

Sharp sharp. No time.

9. Afeez Oyetoro

This list of funny Yoruba actors is incomplete without this yellow man.

Popularly known as Saka, Afeez Oyetoro is a complete clown. I’ve never watched a movie where this man is serious. Either he is stylishly or blatantly abusing someone or he’s frustrating them.

Thanks to his “small body,” Saka doesn’t even realize he’s an old man. Well, that’s his selling point cos man is cashing out big time.

There’s hardly a company that doesn’t feature Saka in their advert even if only to do some clowning.

You should read this post about his biography and huge portfolio of endorsement deals.

10. Madam No Network

Before you continue this post about funny Yoruba actors, I want you to guess this woman’s name.

Guess some more.

How far, did you get it?

No luck, I’m sure.

Well, the real name of Madam no Network is Kudirat Soremi. She’s the wife of Lanko, another funny dude.

Kudirat carved out a unique niche for herself and she rocks it well. Nobody does it better than her.

Madam no Network will make you laugh in an annoying way. She’s characterized by deafness. She never hears anything you say and when she manages to, she hears rubbish.

Madam No Network hears rubbish and talk nonsense. You could be talking about a house and she’ll be talking about a horse, leaving you to wonder the correlation between both.

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