FREE Blog/Website Setup

I will help you create a working blog or website for FREE.

No hidden charges, I promise.

If you have always wanted to have a blog but don’t know how to set it up and can’t afford to pay a web designer, I’m here to help you for free.

There are various reasons you may want to create a blog, including:

  • to make money online
  • to practice and showcase your writing
  • for your writing or graphics design portfolio
  • to create a website for your small business

I’ll help you create a self-hosted WordPress blog for free.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the best platform for you. It powers millions of websites and blogs on the Internet.

It may even interest you to know that CNN, TED, TechCrunch and of course, this blog all run on WordPress.

Free WordPress Blog Setup

Having a self-hosted blog gives you total control over your blog. You can change the look and feel of your website as you like. It’s yours; you can do anything you like with it and customize it to your taste.

  • WordPress is easy to customize
  • You don’t need any coding knowledge to use WordPress
  • If you can make a tweet or write on MS Word, you can post on WordPress
  • You can easily get help. You only have to browse a few websites or check the support forum
  • Ogbonge Blog and Bella Naija both use WordPress
  • This blog you’re on ( is powered by WordPress

Here is what I will do for you:

  • Help you brainstorm on a perfect domain name.
  • Help you get the best hosting deals
  • Help you setup your blog – from start to finish, and that includes:
    • Installing WordPress on your host
    • Installing a fully functional, beautiful and perfect theme
    • Install the essential plugins to keep your blog running and successful
  • Show you how to create and publish posts and pages
  • Show you how to update and backup your blog on scheduled automation


But there’s a catch…

To own a self-hosted blog (or portfolio website, if you’re a writer or graphics designer), you need to register a domain name and buy a hosting package.

Domain name is the address of your blog; it is what people will use to access/locate your blog on the Internet. Think of domain name as a “link.”

The domain name of this blog is Whenever anyone types in their browser, they’ll land on this blog.

A domain name could be anything: it could be your business name (example:; it could be your name (example:; it could be the name of your chosen niche (example: and so on. You only have to decide on what domain name to use.

Side note: you may have to hurry before somebody else registers your desired domain name.

Hosting is where all the contents you put on your blog will be stored so that people can see it. Before people can see or live in a house, they have to build it on a land, right?

Think of a host as the land which “hosts” your house. If the land is not there, you can’t have a house. Similarly, if you don’t have a host, you can’t have a blog or website.

A host is like a hard drive, or memory card, which you use to host your files; only that in this case, your files have to be hosted on the web by a web host for people to be able to see it.

You need both a domain name and a host in order to have a blog. No one of them is more important than the other; you NEED both.

Having just one won’t work. Lailai kole werk… 🙂

They’re must-haves. If you don’t have these two things, you CAN’T have a blog.

Here’s how to get my free blog Setup

At NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, buy your hosting from Hostgator, following any of the links on this page.

When you buy your hosting package through this Hostagtor link, you’ll get:

  • Your domain name for FREE
  • Free SSL Certifacate (that padlock icon that signifies that your blog is secure)
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • 60% discount off your hosting package

Free Blog Setup -

After buying your hosting package (you’ll get your domain name for free), send me a mail. I read my mails immediately I see them.

You can also contact me before you buy your hosting package, to make inquiry or to get guidance. When you contact me, we can deliberate on a suitable name for your blog, discuss what hosting package is right for you and more importantly, current promos.

Ordinarily, you need to buy both domain name and hosting separately, but you’re only buying one and getting the other for free by buying through my Hostgator link.

Now you too can own a blog!

P.S: Buying through any of these links means I’ll receive a commission (which enables to be able to offer you the free blog setup) but it is NOT at an extra cost to you. You’ll pay the normal fees. No hidden charges, I promise.

Send me a mail at or send me a DM on WhatsApp 09082490814 or