Difference Between Email and Gmail

What’s the difference between Email and Gmail?

These two things can be confusing at times. With both of them having something to do with “mail”, it’s very easy to get lost in what each of them means or does.

If these two things confuse you, keep calm, everything will be settled right here without using any complicated technical term.

Because you don’t have to wade through over a thousand words before you get to know the difference between email and Gmail, I’ll give you both short and long version of their differences.

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Here we go…

Difference Between Email and Gmail

Shorter Version

Email is a method of sending and receiving digital messages (called mail) over the internet using mobile phones, computers and anything else that can access the internet.

Gmail is an email service provider that gives you the opportunity to use an email.

Yahoo! Mail is another email service provider giving you the identity to use an email.

When you use either Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, you’re using an email.
Hope that explains it. If you want further explanations for difference between email and Gmail, read on.

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Longer Version

As stated in the shorter version, email is a method of sending messages via the internet while Gmail (or Yahoo! Mail) provides the service.

It can be likened to SMS and network providers. You can send an SMS with your phone, but network providers like MTN, Airtel, GLO, etc., provide the service.

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To use or send an email, you need someone or a company to provide the service and that’s what email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail do. They provide the email sending service and as well give identities so that the receiver of your mail (i.e. message) can identify you as the sender.

Like networks where you have a unique phone number, email service providers give you unique email address. With your Gmail, you can send an email.

The long and short version of the difference between Email and Gmail combined is that email is just a method, like SMS, of sending messages via the internet while Gmail provides the service.

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On a last note, let’s define some keywords again:

  • Email – method of sending digital messages through the Internet
  • Mail – the name given to the message sent using email
  • Gmail – a Google owned email service provider
  • Yahoo! Mail – a Yahoo! owned email service provider

So when next you’re asked of your email and what you have is a Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, just give it out. That’s exactly what they’re asking for.

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Remember: you can’t send a mail without an email address. If you don’t have one, create an account on Gmail.

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