10 Courses It’s Easier to Make First Class

The title of this post is Courses It’s Easier to Make First Class NOT Courses That Are Easy to Study! Take note.

All courses are not equal.

No course is especially simple. Neither is there any course that is extraordinarily difficult. But all courses are not equal.

If you take a look at the history of some departments or read the news about first class graduates, you’d realize there are courses it’s way easier to make first class than some others.

Note: you’d be surprised to see some courses here, because these courses are very hard. That said, if you read the post with an objective mind, you’d agree with me that, although these courses are hard, there are more graduates with first class in the courses than there are in others.

Now, lets go.

10 Courses It’s Easier to Make First Class

1. Engineering

You never expected it. Like, how’s it easy to make first class in Engineering?

Engineering is probably the most difficult course in this world. You have to be very brilliant to even make second class let alone first class.

That notwithstanding, it’s easier to make first class in Engineering than it is to make first class in seemingly simpler courses like English. This is because if you’re very good in Mathematics and Physics (or calculation in general), you’d thrive in any Engineering department.

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Take a look at this convocation from one of the Nigerian universities for instance, you’d realize there are more first class graduates from Engineering than in any other course.

It is unarguable that in any school anywhere in the world, the Faculty of Engineering produces more first class graduates than any other department.

2. Computer Science

Computer science is not just about softwares; like Engineering, there are some hard Maths involved. Even at that, you have a higher chance of making first class in Computer Science than in Fine Art.

You know why? All Environmental Science courses are hard and that’s because they’re subject to SUBJECTIVE judgement. That is, the person judging a course in Environmental Science (like Fine Art, Urban and Regional Planning, Architecture) has to be totally satisfied with your works. Now tell me, how easy (if possible) is it to satisfy a human beings?

You have a better chance at making first class in Computer Science where you’ll be working with established principles and models than working to please the judgement of any human.

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3. Mathematics

Mathematics is also one of the courses it’s easier to make first class. The reason is because mathematics is simple.

There’s no middle in mathematics; it’s either you know it or you don’t. If you know it very well, your first class is certain. If you don’t, you’d struggle right from your first year to final year.

The good thing about mathematics is that although methods can differ, answers are always the same. Universally, 2 + 2 = 4, regardless of if you apply Pythagoras Theorem, use Almighty Formula, integrate or differentiate.

4. Statistics

Statistics is the twin brother of mathematics. It involves both (basic) mathematics and analysis.

If you’re very good with numbers, you’d find statistics very easy. After all, data is about numbers.

Forget whatever you’ve heard, it’s easier to make first class in statistics.

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5. Accounting

What is there in Accounting that you can’t make first class?

You only need to know some basic Maths and the ability to understand models.

There’s so much templates in Accounting. There’s ledger, trial balance and all of that. Just take out one number and add another one. Add or minus.

6. Physics

Pure and Applied Physics!

Physics is hard! But it’s just like Engineering.

7. Agricultural Science

This one shouldn’t cause any argument because I believe we can all agree it’s very, very easy to make first class in Agricultural Science, be it Agricultural Economics or Extension; Crop Production or Animal Production and Health.

The reason there are fewer first class graduates of Agric is because of the perceived easiness. That is, because it is easy, people don’t put much effort; only the little needed to pull a second class.

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8. Chemistry

Chemistry is yet another course it’s easier to make first class and the reason is not far fetched.

It deals with chemicals of known names, equations and a bit of mathematics.

9. Anatomy

Unlike most of the courses earlier mentioned, anatomy is not mathematics based; rather, it’s more of Biology.

It deals mostly with bisecting the human body. They call the dead body they operate with cadaver. There’s no new body parts, and that explains why it’s easier to make first class.

10. Management Science

The materials used in management studies are not as huge as in some other courses like Biochemistry, but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple course.

Management is a constantly growing field, but you can easily make first class studying it because it’s very relatable. That is, you can be relate it with real life and that makes it easier to understand.

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